Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The critics vs. Me

So the critics just cant stop bashing naina..and the reasons they have given are as follows:

1. That it is not original and is almost a xerox copy of 'The Eye'

2. That the scenes are gory

3. That the script is uninspiring

4. Too many shrieks and tries too hard

Well well well...lemme answer them one by one...

1. Agreed that it is copied from 'The Eye'. So? Did 'The Eye' ever get released in India at all? Did we get a chance to see it? Obviously not. And hello by the way 'The Ring' was a copy of the original japanase film 'Ringu'. But at that point of time all the Indian film critics were waxing eloquent about how well made a remake it was. Well if they hadnt seen the japanse version 'Ringu' and had liked 'the ring' what is the bloody problem if an Indian director does the same for a hindi movie??? So much for giving the true review!!! And what about the time when 'Aankhen' had been almost written off by critics as being too serious and at times boring and when 'Munnabhai' was released, it was accused of being too david dhawanish. That despite david's movie being written off as well! Well all of us know the truth of how good these two movies actually were. And they must have had a tough time digesting the fact that both these films have been snapped up by Hollywood directors for remakes! 'Aankhein' is being remade as 'Three Blind Mice' and 'Munnabhai' as 'Gangster MD'.

2.Scenes are gory? Again hypocrisy at its best. What do you walk into a horror movie for? Sweet sugary love stories? Again to illustrate 'Hazaron Khwaieshen Aisi' begins with some very gory and disturbing visuals. But the critics who loved the movie didnt point out this. And when in a horror movie, a director who has all rights to use, they say its gory!!

3. Uninspiring script. Hmmmm...I must say that 'Veer Zaara' had an amazing script..hain na? What an absolutely original never before told story..bull shit! But again the same critics who are big time chmachas of big production houses, couldnt stop raving about how beautiful and legendary the script was!

4. Too many shrieks and tries too hard..what about movies like 'company', 'maqbool, etc.. which the critics gave a thumbs up? I too can say that there were too many bullet sounds in the movie..or in veer zaara just ennought tears to create a whole new river...Bah! I dont even want to discuss it further...

Please yourself a favour..go and watch any movie and then pass your own judgements..but never ever go by any critics review...they are plain confused!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005


"Its not a horror movie..its a supernatural thriller", was what it was being promoted as. Whatever! I went to Naina with three other friends of mine cos obviously watching a movie of this genre alone would be no fun at all...I shall not go into the storyline as I am sure all of us must have read the brief in atleast a million newspapers and heard the bried on another scores of channels...
Quiet honestly i went into see Naina expecting a fear psychosis kind of horror rather than a jump-out-of-the-seat horror...and it worked for me!
Yes..the film does have its moments of wanting to make you jump out of the seat...but its also more pyschological in nature..
Director Shripal Morakhia sure does have a story to tell...and he doesnt waste anytime getting into humdrumic love angles or any songs for that matter...
The second half especially blows you away with some amazing acting by newcomer Shweta Konnur and the lady who plays her mom. If you care for trivia, Shweta is quiet a common face on Indian television or atleast was...she had the second lead role in a serial called "Kamal' a balaji drama on a bar girl dancer sometime back on Zee. And believe me she was quiet a pathetic actress back then. She plays out her part amazingly well in this movie. The scenic locales of Rajahastan look quiet exotic. Beleivers of the horror genre will vouch for the innumerable tales that we keep hearing from such regions. I for one have come across a lot of tales from my friends who have stayed in Rajhastan of how the spirits and people with specail powers actually exist. Hence the scene is set for what seems to be the climax of the film. But hold on..the best is reserved for the end...the entire london station sequence is mind boggling and all i can say is that indian special effects are soaring to new heights!!! Anuj Sawhney is extremelly pleasant as Urmila's psychatrist cum love interest. He definetely doesnt have any godd dialogues, has to just pacify the heroine and look supportive all the time. But he does it with such dignity so as to make his presence felt in the movie. After Nayee padosan and Fantoosh, two unfortunate movies that i unfortunately happened to see, its quiet a relief to see that its upto a director to showcase talent. Given the right director, Anuj should go a long way.
But without doubt, its urmila who makes you sit up. SHe seems to have perfected the art of screaming and fidgeting and shivering and scaring in such movies. Right from the days of Kaun, she was awesome in such roles. Then came Bhoot and she showed that she too could walk away with some awards that too after acting in a horror flick, a genre which doesnt really get noticed forget even nominated at the awards ceremony. With Naina, she comes up trumps again, though Kaun and Bhoot were better performances than this.
Indian cinema is getting slicker in terms of production values. After Black this is the second movie this year that manages to create an international feel to it.
Full credit to Shripal Morkhia for directing a flick this well. Of course it again doesnt come anywhere close to the kind of direction that one happened to see in Bhoot by RGV but for afirst timer and compared to many other existing directors today, Shripal is A-Grade.
There have been a lot of criticism about this movie which i shall write about in my next post.
Final verdict: I dont believe in grading a film. I mean how does one decide between 3 and 4 or 4 and 5. Sometimes a movie just lies in between. Sometimes some aspects are good while others are awful!
Naina should be seen especially if you are a keen follower of the horror genre. Its one of the better films India has produced in this genre. Dont go in expecting to get scared. For therein lies the flaw. Go in expecting to see a nice supernatural flick and you'll come out happy. And compared to a lot of crap that has been releasing in the past week and making money (like Waqt which is making a killing at the box office, but is quiet easily one of the most pathetic movies made this year and Lucky which too has been declared an above average grosser and again makes many who have seen the movie shudder at the very thought of it!), Naina is an extremely different cinema and more importantly has a story to tell, something which is quiet a rarity in Indian cinema of late.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Glitteria, Glitz and all that jazz for sure!!!

Well well well....for long i have dabbled with blogs...have had three before number of posts for all three put together would just about reach double digits...i thought what is that will make me to keep updating my blog...that which i am passionate about..and the result of which is this blog...movies and music! Being from India, i have access to all kinds of cinema and music forms! For long i have been cheated by reviewers who just go ahead and give such biased reviews...they would praise an absolutely crappy movies because they have good tie ups with those production houses and would rather confuse readers of their review than make those guys unhappy...or in the name of 'artistic satisfaction' or some crap like that they would give a thumbs down to a movie...and when such artistic movies do come along they give it a cold shoulder saying that it is too arty!!! I mean hello...its just become a bloody business...they have got themselves into a position where they abuse the box office collections by giving i thought that blogs are the best place to have informal reviews but true ones which say it like it by a common viewer...In the next one year, i do not think that i would be finding time enough to watch any new movies...but irrespective of that i would be posting my thoughts on what i think of movies that i have seen...would probably make a bet on movies that i think should be good...and then see how it turns out ultimately...but music reviews would be regular for sure!!! And apart from that whats happening all around movies and music in India and across, random short - Glitteria, Glitz and all that jazz...or shall i say LIGHTS, CAMERA, SOUND and............ACTION!!!

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