Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The critics vs. Me

So the critics just cant stop bashing naina..and the reasons they have given are as follows:

1. That it is not original and is almost a xerox copy of 'The Eye'

2. That the scenes are gory

3. That the script is uninspiring

4. Too many shrieks and tries too hard

Well well well...lemme answer them one by one...

1. Agreed that it is copied from 'The Eye'. So? Did 'The Eye' ever get released in India at all? Did we get a chance to see it? Obviously not. And hello by the way 'The Ring' was a copy of the original japanase film 'Ringu'. But at that point of time all the Indian film critics were waxing eloquent about how well made a remake it was. Well if they hadnt seen the japanse version 'Ringu' and had liked 'the ring' what is the bloody problem if an Indian director does the same for a hindi movie??? So much for giving the true review!!! And what about the time when 'Aankhen' had been almost written off by critics as being too serious and at times boring and when 'Munnabhai' was released, it was accused of being too david dhawanish. That despite david's movie being written off as well! Well all of us know the truth of how good these two movies actually were. And they must have had a tough time digesting the fact that both these films have been snapped up by Hollywood directors for remakes! 'Aankhein' is being remade as 'Three Blind Mice' and 'Munnabhai' as 'Gangster MD'.

2.Scenes are gory? Again hypocrisy at its best. What do you walk into a horror movie for? Sweet sugary love stories? Again to illustrate 'Hazaron Khwaieshen Aisi' begins with some very gory and disturbing visuals. But the critics who loved the movie didnt point out this. And when in a horror movie, a director who has all rights to use, they say its gory!!

3. Uninspiring script. Hmmmm...I must say that 'Veer Zaara' had an amazing script..hain na? What an absolutely original never before told story..bull shit! But again the same critics who are big time chmachas of big production houses, couldnt stop raving about how beautiful and legendary the script was!

4. Too many shrieks and tries too hard..what about movies like 'company', 'maqbool, etc.. which the critics gave a thumbs up? I too can say that there were too many bullet sounds in the movie..or in veer zaara just ennought tears to create a whole new river...Bah! I dont even want to discuss it further...

Please yourself a favour..go and watch any movie and then pass your own judgements..but never ever go by any critics review...they are plain confused!!!


Anonymous Kedar said...

I couldn't agree more with you, really the critics we have here are all biased towards the 'mushy-mushy' karan johar and aditya chopra type movies.
Keep the reviews comin.


1:55 PM, June 06, 2005  

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