Friday, May 20, 2005

Glitteria, Glitz and all that jazz for sure!!!

Well well well....for long i have dabbled with blogs...have had three before number of posts for all three put together would just about reach double digits...i thought what is that will make me to keep updating my blog...that which i am passionate about..and the result of which is this blog...movies and music! Being from India, i have access to all kinds of cinema and music forms! For long i have been cheated by reviewers who just go ahead and give such biased reviews...they would praise an absolutely crappy movies because they have good tie ups with those production houses and would rather confuse readers of their review than make those guys unhappy...or in the name of 'artistic satisfaction' or some crap like that they would give a thumbs down to a movie...and when such artistic movies do come along they give it a cold shoulder saying that it is too arty!!! I mean hello...its just become a bloody business...they have got themselves into a position where they abuse the box office collections by giving i thought that blogs are the best place to have informal reviews but true ones which say it like it by a common viewer...In the next one year, i do not think that i would be finding time enough to watch any new movies...but irrespective of that i would be posting my thoughts on what i think of movies that i have seen...would probably make a bet on movies that i think should be good...and then see how it turns out ultimately...but music reviews would be regular for sure!!! And apart from that whats happening all around movies and music in India and across, random short - Glitteria, Glitz and all that jazz...or shall i say LIGHTS, CAMERA, SOUND and............ACTION!!!


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